FREE Six Month Smile Exam

FREE Six Month Smile Exam

Mill City Dental is offering Six Month Smile Exams for free for a limited time only! The exam is a $86 value so be sure to visit while they last! You can set up an appointment by calling 612.377.3740 or contacting us here. Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces for Adults. Are you one of the(…)

Reclaim your smile

A healthy mouth with a beautiful smile can improve your self-image, your confidence and much more. Cosmetic dentistry creates a positive change to your teeth—and to your smile. When cosmetic dentistry comes to mind, people tend to think of tooth whitening or veneers, but a cosmetic dentist can provide much more. Today, cosmetic dentistry has(…)

Comfort and dental work? Yes!

Imagine you could fall asleep and while you were sleeping your dental needs were taken care of, as if in a dream … Well, wake up! You can! Sedation dentistry offers dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment with no pain or discomfort during or after a visit. You may not even recall your visit the next(…)