In the modern world, brand pills are developing very rapidly, and it affects sexual life. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon sex may be not like we used to it.

Sex robots

Now do not have to suffer from loneliness or look for a lover at night. After all, sexual desires can be satisfied with the help of a robot. It can be taught any imagination because it will be equipped with AI.

Virtual touch instead of physical

Even if your loved one is not around, you can still make love with him with the help of ultra-plausible virtual reality costumes that simulate touch.

Virtual prostitution

Virtual sex can become more realistic. The main thing for men health is that such contact guarantees the anonymity of both partners, the impossibility of transmission of sexual viruses, and the prevention of premature pregnancy.

Buy medicines online

A common practice was the case when a patient consulted his attending physician and received a prescription for medicine from him. Then the patient went to the ViaQX online pharmacy, where the pharmacist sell generic Cialis to him. Now it is not necessary to go to the pharmacy to purchase the required drug, and you can do it online without leaving your home.

Relationships at a distance will become the standard

The secret again lies in virtual sex, and in any other virtual tactile contacts. People will even be able to marry those who have never met in their lives and who live on the other side of the Earth.

The expression “to blow someone’s brains” will take on a literal meaning.

Tactile relationships can become quite unimportant for a person. In addition, orgasm will be possible from now on with brain stimulation.